Creator Pro 3D Printer by Flash Forge

With a sturdy metal frame and an enclosed chassis, the FlashForge Creator Pro proves more stable than its predecessor and includes features like an upgraded platform leveling system, dual extruders, metal build plate, and guide rod to help with stabilization and durability, making it a winner in our Workhorse category.

Delivering on both print quality and reliability, it is a real workhorse machine, though it does need some extra work to get there. An open source platform offers the opportunity for tweaks, allowing owners to optimize their printer to its full potential and make use of the large support community.

The Creator Pro, though very affordable, can quickly get more expensive for beginners to 3D printing. Common complaints include issues with the second extruder creating unnecessary pains, among other small adjustments that might be needed along the way.

Summed up by one of its owners, “This is clearly the most reliable printer for the price. With a massive support community, many open source options, and parts from many vendors, it can provide a great printing experience for a long time.” All features taken into consideration and priced at £899, this 3D printer is unsurprisingly a big hit among its user base. Maintenance is straightforward and spare parts are readily available, accompanied by a supportive customer service.

Rated highly for reliability and print quality and coupled with a variety of filament options, the Creator Pro is a bargain for intermediates and professionals looking for a printer to tinker with that won’t quit.

2 thoughts on “Creator Pro 3D Printer by Flash Forge

  1. I have been using this printer for the past year and i have printed some amazing things, I will post some of the things i have printed soon and i have even painted a few things with model paint from games workshop.
    I would recommend this printer for anyone looking to get into 3D printing as it’s easy to setup and use.

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