Google Pixel 4 screen

A new set of leaked images of Google’s forthcoming Pixel 4 smartphone have surfaced on the web, showing off something that we’ve been expecting: it’ll have a large bezel on the top of the phone. 

The leaked images comes from Ice universe (via 9to5Google) on Twitter, and show off the phone’s front panel. The images seem to confirm what we’ve suspected thus far, based on renders and dimensions of the phones: it’ll have some larger forehead and chin bezels that are bigger than competing phones like the S10 Plus or the OnePlus 7 Pro. Those bezels will cover up the variety of sensors and front-facing cameras that might otherwise have been hidden with a notch or popup camera. 

The oval opening of the Pixel 4 Series front panel means that the Google Pixel 4 Series will be groundbreaking and new and worth looking forward to.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

One suspicion is that the phone will come with some motion-sensing technology called Project Soli, which uses radar to detect fine motion above it. The size of those bezels, it seems as though Google needs plenty of space for the required sensors. 

View image on Twitter

In June, Google officially revealed the phone after leaked images surfaced on the web, showing off the back, but not the front of the device. That image showed off the large camera bump and sensors, and the phone has been spotted out in the wild. With this latest leak, maybe Google will unveil another official image.

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